We believe dogs should run free. Express their inner mutt. Go loco.

So lose the lead. 

Think more walking. Less worrying.

Because at the Leeds Dog Field you've got a 4 acre grass field enclosed all around by a 6 foot high deer fence. A secure gate is the only way in and out. It's designed so you can walk your dogs off lead, worry free. They can't escape. They won't meet other scary people. Or even worse, other scary dogs. They are free to run their hearts out and be a bit more dog. And you're free to relax while they do it. 

Dogs will be dogs...

Easy off-lead walks.

No risk of your dog running off or meeting other scary dogs or people.

A happy dog.

A dog that’s allowed to express it’s natural movements and instincts. And really tire itself out. 

A happy you.

Let your guard down and watch your dog do it’s thing.

Look - no lead!

Leeds Dog Field is a few minutes drive from Alwoodley and Shadwell. Once you book, only you and your dogs will be in the field. So no chance of any surprise encounters. There's even dedicated free parking right next to the field entrance and well away from any roads or footpaths!

Booking a walk couldn't be easier.

First visit our booking page to choose the time and type of walk you want then pay using Paypal. You'll be sent all the details including a code for the gate which you use to access the field. The field is hidden down a track off the road, amongst other fields. Parking is right by the entrance and there'll always be a space for your booking. 

Half Hour Walks.


3 dogs or less.


4 dogs or more.

Full Hour Walks.


3 dogs or less.


4 dogs or more.

Situated on the northern outskirts of Leeds. 

The precise location and directions will be emailed to you after booking. 



Interested? Then let your dog do it's thing.